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Improve Our World (IOW) ASPIRES TO ENLIGHTEN HUMANITY WITH A DEEP & EXPANSIVE UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE Supercharged with technology empowering people to improve their lives faster and more effectively than ever before in human history. To Raise the Bell Curve of Human Ability!
Hi, I’m Mark, After 30 years in real estate I am launching my dream business of helping people improve their lives!  Early in life I was blessed to listen to Zig Ziglar’s tapes learning valuable life lessons.  I can still hear his southern voice say, “So you got your goal?  Can you see it?  Now double it!  Now, double it again, and again and again.  Man, what an exercise. Dreaming big and learning to believe in yourself is healthy for your spirit and makes the journey of life a blast! I believe God or the Universe has a special purpose for me, helping people discover and realize the gifts of their dreams that lie dormant inside. My selling real estate for over 30 years is a common example of a person with dreams but not able to realize them as a younger man.  I feel blessed to have the dreams I do but not being able to realize them was a source of frustration in my life. In writing the book to launch IOW I was obsessed with finding a way to help people in a way that’s never been done before, but with each day of writing I knew I was only re-writing more of what has already been said, so I kept writing and searching., an online business allowed me to study the sciences with professors from Universities across America.  The essence of invention comes from applying the most basic principles of Physics to enable the user to imitate the high performance abilities of Psychology & Biology. After a several years of this, I think I matched Thomas Edison’s 10,000 attempts to develop the incandescent light-bulb, using technology would enable people to generate and control levels of energy beyond what is possible for them without the technology! The higher levels of energy & control of it will enable people strengthen their nervous system faster to improve their lives faster & more effectively than ever before in history. Time will tell how the invention is able to help people.  I also believe I will deliver a deep and expansive understanding of life to people faster than anyone in history to this point.  Of course, others will beat me in the future, but they’ll be refining what I wrote not creating something different. Are You ready to improve & change Your life faster than ever before!    

Technology is Ready to Liberate Humanity

The Bell Curve of Human Ability is About to Jump for Joy!