Improve Our World (IOW)

Supercharged with technology
empowering people to 
their lives faster and more
effectively than ever before
in human history.

To Raise the Bell Curve of Human Ability!

Hi, I’m Mark,

After 30 years in real estate I am launching my dream business.  Early in life I was blessed to listen to Zig Ziglar’s tapes over and over soaking up many wonderful principles to live by; one of the valuable ones was the exercise of doubling your goals several times.  I can still hear his southern voice say, “So you got your goal?  Can you see it, can ya feel it?  Now double it!  You got it, can you see it?  Now, double it again.  Feel it.  Now double it again, and again and again.  Man, what an exercise.  Before this exercise I dreamed of shining on the world stage, now, I dream of making history in a positive way.  Let’s see how I do.  Whether I do or not … the journey is a blast! 

I love to learn and have learned many wonderful truths in my life, one being that you need more than dreams to shine as bright as I wanted to.  My dad sold real estate and I ended up doing it, but I never had a passion for it.  Like the guy who got stuck pumping gas for a living never making it to college I’ve been selling real estate for 33 years; but on a positive not it did allow me to work on my dreams.  Get ready … here comes Markie!

I humbly say my life is an example of millions if not billions of people who have incredible potential to create their dreams but simply don’t work hard enough to develop it to do it.  

I invested over a decade of my career studying & working to become a professional songwriter, wrote some nice songs but never sold one.  Now on a positive note, possibly, had I figured out how to do enough to break free from my real estate career I would not have began again my search for truth, and searched and searched … for so long … with such desire & perseverance to discover the idea of using technology to create & increase ability.  I believe it is the manifestation of a lifetime of desire and simply never giving up.  It is my historic destiny!

I believe God or the Universe has a special purpose for me here on planet earth, to help billions of people realize their highest abilities; to actually accelerate our evolution to become a more powerful race of beings to explore this amazing & incredible universe we live in.  To do this we must figure out a way for more people to put in the effort for long enough with the proper training.  “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”  Ah, something special is on the way.  

Now … at 58 years of life my music is still inside me; and the songs are about helping people improve their lives faster and more effectively than ever before in history!  To empower the human race to explore our amazing potential.  This business has been calling me my whole life, but hey I’m a man, we don’t always listen as well.  LOL.  I love this topic!  I think about it all the time!  Let’s see where my passion and obsession allows me to take this!

In writing the book to launch IOW I was obsessed with finding a way to help people in a profound and historic way, that’s never been done before; but each day of writing left me realizing I was only re-writing more of what has already been said, so I kept writing and searching and writing and searching. allowed me to study the sciences with professors from Universities across America.  The framework on which the invention is based comes from applying the most basic principles of Physics to the high performance of Psychology & Biology.

After a several years of this, I think I matched Thomas Edison’s 10,000 attempts to develop the incandescent light-bulb, I realized using technology would enable people to generate and control levels of energy beyond what is possible for them without technology.  The higher levels & control of energy will accelerate strengthening & programming the human nervous system to help people improve their lives faster & more effectively than ever before in history.

Time will tell what the invention does, but I believe it will go down in history as one of the most important inventions of all time liberating humanity from struggle & pain by increasing the Bell Curve of Human Ability.  Can you see how that dream got doubled into a historic quest?  

I also believe I will deliver a deep and expansive understand of life to people faster than anyone in history to this point.  Of course, others will beat me in the future but they’ll be refining what I wrote not creating something different.  Did I mention I can dream?



Technology is Ready to Liberate Humanity

The Bell Curve of Human Ability is About to Jump for Joy!